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Consulting And O&M Services To The IPP Industry

  New England Energy Services Corporation (NEESCO) was founded in 1997 to provide innovative and cost effective services to the utility and industrial power generation markets.  By partnering with our customers, NEESCO reduces project costs and provides the expertise and resources required in all phases of the project life cycle.  Our services include project management, plant operations and maintenance, project staffing, system engineering, design and consulting.

  Today NEESCO operates worldwide as a Consulting Energy Services Company with offices in the US and affiliates around the world. Our subsidiary Neesco Standby Power  provides equipment and services to the fast growing distributed and standby power markets.

  NEESCO's headquarters is located in Quincy, MA with branch offices in Lowell, Ma. and Nashua, N.H. Our management approach, employee dedication, and continuously exceeding our clients expectations have allowed NEESCO to establish a solid reputation as an innovative leader in the Energy Services Industry.


                        POWER PLANT O & M SERVICES


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